About SmilePlay®

Smile Play can help you create a dynamic, up-to-date, vibrant and exciting photo sharing app that will keep your customers returning.

Retain your customers and increase value. Our photo apps are uniquely tailored to your photo business.  Using our flexible platform, your photo sharing app can be published on IOS and Android. We can provide you with access to analytics and tools to help tailor your customers experience through the app.

Smile play photo apps are built with a choice of data hosting, end to end data encryption and control features.

Our photo sharing app provides a complete solution;
  • Editable features for easy customisation of photo’s for your customers.
  • Choose from a range of templates, tools and colours  – let us do the rest!
  • Regular updates to keep in line with the ever changing web and needs of your customers
  • Our platform allows your customers to upload and edit their images
  • Support on demand, we are here to help you every step of the way!


  • Bespoke Photo App Development

    Our developers have years of experience in developing the best mobile applications for the photo industry

  • UX App Design

    Our experienced designers are trained to design not only amazing UI designs but make sure they work and flow as they should

  • Latest Photo Print Technology

    The printing technology is developing in a rapid speed, at SmilePlay we keep our technology up-to-date to ensure we work with the latest and best technology in the photo industry


Have you ever wanted to develop your own web or mobile application but never had the time to learn a programming language? Or are you struggling to develop an application within your budget?

With Symphoni you can now easily build your own application without having any development skills, we have taking away the hard bit and given you a simple platform where you can drag-and-drop your components and connect them to create whatever your heart desires.

How does it work?

Snap together instructions in plain English to create the building blocks of your app. No coding, no weird characters, and almost no typing. So simple, even a child could do it.

Plug these building blocks together into any meaningful combination you can imagine to create an app. Reuse the same blocks over and over again in different combinations, to create new apps. All without a single line of code, or any confusion.

What fun would cool toys be, if we didn’t share them? Publish your app to the marketplace for others to play with (if you wish). Provide them for free, or charge a small fee for your genius.




Photo POP

⁠⁠⁠Whether you are looking to edit an existing photo or take a photo that looks amazing without spending money on a professional photo editing software then PhotoPop is your best solution.

With photo pop you can easily take selfies or photos with your  friends edit them on the fly and share them worldwide with family and friends! Add effects and text easily using the PhotoPop application, the PhotoPop app has been developed and designed to allow you to retouch your images in simple steps without having to use third party software.

Let your creativity flow and share your amazing experience with all your friends, you can even download the image and have it printed on a beautiful magic mug or canvas print.

Download the PhotoPop App from the Appstore and start snapping today.



PixApp lets you turn your photo’s in to unique and personalised gifts, choose from photo canvases, wall décor, cases and more.

Upload direct from your camera, device gallery or choose from our online library of stock images to create a personalised gift wherever you are.

  • We have advanced image capture software to help you edit and resize your photo.
  • Make your product in a matter of seconds.
  • Upload from Instagram
  • Choose from a selection of sizes and products



Pix Editor

Pix photo editor is the easiest way to order personalised photo gifts straight from your smartphone. We have developed an app editor designed to help you customise pix products when you are on the go.

All it takes is a few clicks to upload your photo’s, you can access your Instagram account and other social profiles for a simple and quick transfer on to our editor.

The editing features include adding text, clipart and rotating images to personalise your photo product further.  Pix app editor gives you full control over your images, including effects and layouts.

Let Pix help you share and create beautiful photo products.  Customise, create and order personalised photo gifts today!



SmilePlay’s innovative web to print software solutions provides both B2B and B2C with on-demand printing capabilities in one system. This helps clients to open up new opportunities with marketing materials to embrace the expanding world of internet based print sales.

SmilePlay’s flexible platform features online editing tools to help customers edit and modify print products, this automates orders on-demand for all types of printed products required.
Ensuring brand identity remains intact and brand assets are stored securely, this gives employees access as and when they may need them.

SmilePlay’s web to print process provides a powerful and efficient solution to help boost revenue, new business opportunities and increase profitability.


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